Bumper Snow Season Forecast

If you believe all that you read, and understand the science behind El Nino and La Nina we are in for a bumper ski season. My thought, if early snow fall indicators are anything to go by, it could be a good one!

Apparently, snow is dependant on a ‘few things’ to occur – no wonder snow is so unpredictable. For snowflakes to make it all the way (and it is a long way!) to the ground you need a very specific environment; can’t be too cold, too warm, too humid, too dry……… (Eui explains this much better than I do).

The good news is, according to those in the know, the main climate drivers that have brought us record-breaking drought and (devastating) bushfires together with warm waters off the north-west and increased moisture and cold air from Antarctic waters making its way up Australia’s south-east, we are in for a bumper snow fall this season.

Here’s hoping they’re right!

It’s Snowing Outside

Let it snow, Let it snow Let it snow…..

Winter is finally here, albeit a little early, with the first snowfall of the season turning the Mountains into a winter wonderland.

Maybe expert weather David Taylor (Owner of Brisbane Weather & East Coast Weather) has got it right (again)! His prediction Australia is set for the coldest Winter on record may well live up to expectations as we relish in the first significant falls well before Winter begins.

We may be celebrating a little early, but here’s to David, record snowfalls and a wonderful  Winter filled with lots of love and laughter.





Forty Nine Post Office Lane Accommodation Bookings “live”

Years of travel, accommodation bookings and many experiences, both good and bad, undoubtedly influences our destination choices and the way in which we choose to book our accommodation.

A shared grudge, accommodation booking engines and sites that offer “live” bookings or availability only to find once booked, or worse, waiting days for a response following an inquiry, your “available accommodation” is in fact not available at all!

We have connected Number forty Nine with “Little Hotelier” booking engine offering a one stop booking site with an immediate and “live” accommodation booking option and secure credit card payments for ease of securing reservations.

It’s no revelation, but a simple and effective booking option definitely enhances the booking experience making impatient people (like me) enduring the booking process a little more tolerable.


Snow Report

Forty Nine Post Office Lane is situated 1100m above sea level. Snow falls below 1200m will see a flurry of snowflakes falling at the house, turning the surrounding area of Pender Lea into a winter wonderland.

Get the latest snow and weather reports this winter with Mountain Watch

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