Bumper Snow Season Forecast

If you believe all that you read, and understand the science behind El Nino and La Nina we are in for a bumper ski season. My thought, if early snow fall indicators are anything to go by, it could be a good one!

Apparently, snow is dependant on a ‘few things’ to occur – no wonder snow is so unpredictable. For snowflakes to make it all the way (and it is a long way!) to the ground you need a very specific environment; can’t be too cold, too warm, too humid, too dry……… (Eui explains this much better than I do).

The good news is, according to those in the know, the main climate drivers that have brought us record-breaking drought and (devastating) bushfires together with warm waters off the north-west and increased moisture and cold air from Antarctic waters making its way up Australia’s south-east, we are in for a bumper snow fall this season.

Here’s hoping they’re right!

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